About the Artist | Andrea Mendola

Artist Statement

I am a life-long artist who strives to communicate a deep respect of humanity and the natural world through my work.  I believe that through observation, thoughtful consideration, and intention, the process of creativity brings a deeper understanding of the world, each other, and ourselves.  It is these ideas, a passion for learning, sensitivity to each individual, and a sense of adventure and play, which I practice as an artist, and am delighted to share with you.


I received my BA in education from the University of Arizona, and currently work throughout Tucson, teaching drawing, painting, and other artistic endeavors. I have studied art in Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico and have worked as a muralist in Arizona since 1991. I have most enjoyed portraiture, drawing and painting the figure, and studies of nature. My passions are working in oils, pastels, and charcoal, though I continue to study other mediums as I continue to evolve as an artist. I am is currently pursuing my art practice in Tucson, Arizona, and enjoy teaching at The Drawing Studio.

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